Events - Promotions - Edutainment

Our Mission

2B-360 is an Event, Promotional and Edutainment company!  We are The "Umbrella Company" over all of our Events and Promotions.  We are focused on bringing to the general public some of the best Events, Promotions and Edutainment to nourish your mind, body and Soul.  Our intentions are to provide high quality, functional events, to bring back a sense of enjoyment, learning, growing and interaction with one another in a respectful, nutritional way.  It is at our core to be a sense of inspiration to move us forward in a positive, construction manner.  When you leave our events you should have an overwhelming sense of fulfillment! 

Our Charities Support Philosophy

We believe, we should all do our part and support Charities that are giving back to our Communities in a Positive and or Constructive way.  2B-360 is focused on doing just that, not with talk but with the financial support that many of these Charities Need and Deserve.  We encourage everyone to do "what you can" and support these Charities....either directly by Donating to them or by attending our Events/Promotions where portions of the proceeds go towards the Charities we have listed on our Charity page.  So for as little as purchasing a ticket to our Events/Promotions, purchasing a Vendors Booth or Sponsors Booth helps the Cause.  Let's all be a part of the Solution.

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